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The Future of Niche Software

It is no secret that in the past decade, we have seen the software industry dominated by big players with the top developers and very nice offices, but when we look at new emerging software companies we can’t help but ask, is there room for smaller companies providing niche services in this saturated market? We do believe so, and we’re betting big on it!

During covid we saw these large software companies both in social media and e-commerce just dominate the market. Everyone you know living in a first-world country was making purchases through large e-commerce giants and chatting with their friends and family on social media platforms. Although the initial delivery was good, a flaw was exposed: customer service was not present when we needed it most. This made users feel like an unwanted customer and not a valued client. This is why we’re now seeing major layoffs within the technology sector, people returning back to retail, and more face-to-face meetups rather than calls made through the computer.

Niche software companies will have to incorporate a customer service strategy that will make the customer feel valued and not just a dollar sign. If the software puts the customer first and underpromises while over delivering, we could see these large companies take a back seat to new players.

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